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livestream: it looks like somebody is about to score
livestream: it would be a shame if-
livestream: i just...
livestream: ...froze

Woman of the Match. Easily. 

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U.S. WNT to Play in Four-Nation December Tournament in Brazil


“Historically, we’ve had a two-week December training camp to finish the year, but getting the opportunity to get four international matches, as well as some excellent training at facilities that hosted teams in the World Cup this past summer, was too good to pass up,” said U.S. head coach Jill Ellis.

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PREACH Mr. Hanks!

Double Standard or Diversion?


I wrote an article on Hope Solo, Ray Rice, and the media. Check it out if you’d like :)

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To the people complaining about "double standards" concerning Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson vs. Hope Solo



In terms of financial support, the FIFA Women’s World Cup will only receive $15 million in federal funding from Ottawa as existing facilities and stadiums, without any need for renovations, will be used. In comparison, the FIFA men’s tournaments cost billions of dollars to fund, largely because new stadiums and improved transportation infrastructure are required to host the month-long event. The 2014 Men’s World Cup in Brazil racked up a bill of $15 billion USD. Nevertheless, laying down grass in all six stadiums for the Women’s World Cup in Canada is estimated to only cost approximately $1.5 million.

Evidently, the men’s World Cup tournament is of a larger scale because it garners a broader international following. But why shouldn’t the women’s World Cup gain the same level of support and attention?

The Canadian women’s team is currently ranked ninth in the world. They have qualified for every World Cup since 1995 and did our nation proud by bringing home the Olympic bronze medal in 2012. The men’s team has not been to the World Cup since 1986.


- We also need to point out that in Canada, 47% of registered soccer players are female, but of the fourteen members that sit on the CSA’s national board, only three are women.

And having played college soccer in the NCAA/now coaching back in Ontario = I can attest to the massive growth in women’s soccer in Canada… young and old. Unfortunately - even the U12 and U16 squads I coach already see the discrimination and sexism in terms of ever having a future in the game.

This discrimination has more to do with FIFA (and Blatter…who has proven his sexism/discrimination more than once). Of course the CSA has some blame in this - but at the end of the day we all know it’s FIFA pulling the strings. It’s a shame you can’t really expect FIFA to care since their president is complicit in various types of discrimination and incompetent at his job.

BTW - Carrie Serwetnyk at Equal Play is doing a wonderful job. (via fiftythreecrimes)

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