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"We were really just bailing water for the last 10 to 15 minutes…After they scored that goal, I was like, ‘No, this is not happening anymore. This is too big of a game. We are going to keep this lead.’"

- Becky Sauerbrunn (via fyeahamyrodriguez)

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[W]hen the team had to make a final decision during the offseason on whether to trade for Rodriguez, whose rights were held by Seattle and who sat out the league’s first season while pregnant with her first child, Andonovski again wanted to go through Holiday. He called her as she boarded the bus after a national team practice and told her he needed her opinion on a question of great importance. She told him to wait while she got off the bus so she could give it her full attention.

She told him Rodriguez would score ‘tons of goals.’ He asked her if she was speaking as a friend or as a team captain. It was as both, but she assured him again that Rodriguez would get the job done.

Little, in fact, scored more goals than Rodriguez in the regular season. No one scored more than Rodriguez in the playoffs. Holiday had it right all along. And Kansas City had the pure goal scorer it didn’t have a season ago.
‘It’s almost like she wanted to prove something,’ Andonovski said.


- Graham Hayes, “Ultimate Soccer Mom Amy Rodriguez Delivers NWSL Title To FC Kansas City” (via fyeahamyrodriguez)

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August 31st, 2014: NWSL Final

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Megan Rapinoe warming up for the NWSL championship game

I’m really pleased for A-Rod.  Jill.

So many things going to this weekend I didn’t even get to watch the NWSL championship.


So I’m proud of barnie for not only being a badass gk and winning the championship today but also because she tweeted multiple things today that didn’t have to do with where she ate breakfast

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Stop it.. She needs to be a USWNT starter again

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Portland Thorns FC, NWSL Champions, 2013

FC Kansas City, NWSL Champions, 2014

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FC Kansas City 2014 NWSL Champions

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"They’re a fantastic team. I feel like the two best teams are in the final. Been 1, 2 all year basically and style of play, how strong we’ve been from top to bottom, both teams. They kind of like to play the same way we do. They like to have the ball and feel uncomfortable when they don’t have the ball so we’ll try to disrupt that. I’m sure they’ll try and do the same but hopefully we’ll have some kind of home-field advantage which will help. Although, they’ve played in like 160 degrees so we turned it down a little bit for them."

- Megan Rapinoe | NWSL Media Questioning on FC Kansas City | 8/30/14 

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Lauren Holiday individual skill + A-Rod Goal | Final vs. Seattle | 8/31/14

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